Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm Alive . . . Barely

I have truly not meant to go this long without at least doing an update. Some of my readers and other blogger friends know that January 8th I gave birth to a healthy 8 lb 6 oz baby boy named Caleb Hudson Turner after being A YEAR a week and a half overdue.

 While I have had plenty of chances to get to work on my next post...I just haven't been able to pry myself away from this lamb long enough. When I have been able to - I just haven't FELT like it.

I am the worst blogger ever.

But I do promise to get back in the blogging world now that I have somewhat of my sanity back. Why did I ever lose it in the first place?? If you are a woman and have ever given birth . . . I'm almost positive I don't have to explain much further. I do have some images that will help broaden your imagination of that day...

Beginning of Induction: thinking to myself that maybe I wouldn't need the pain meds after all....

4 hours later - I suppose I was yelling so loudly the nurses started demanding I take the pain meds...
This is my Morphine Induced Coma:
17 and a half hours later - completely in love and SO glad it's over!!!

It was the best and most horrible day of my life. (The best being at the END of it all - when I finally got to hold the cutest most sweetest baby ever.)

So guys I have been just a bit busy. I have really missed writing. I haven't been completely usesless though. The husband and I went to New Orleans last month and while I was suppose to be finding, taking notes and doing research on Marie Laveau - The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans - for my first "back to writing" blog post,  I found myself completely enthralled with a few other things I learned and experienced while there, especially after taking the famous and historic Vampire Tour. It was amazing. I am so excited to get this post written for you guys.

Strange that I haven't mentioned anything horror related in this post. I will change that now. As most of my readers know I devour any and all horror movies I can get my hands on. I just recently learned that Rob Zombie's new film "Lords of Salem" was out in theaters. I cannot wait to see this! It's not just the fact that I'm weird awesome and have a love for all things historic such as the Salem Witchtrials but I also love anything Rob Zombie writes and directs. I'm also really excited about The Evil Dead 2 Remake and Carrie.

Official YOUTUBE Trailer for
Lords of Salem
Leave me your thoughts on it!
Till Next Time....



  1. Congratulations on your new baby! He looks adorable.
    I'm a horror fan too, so look forward to your new posts...

  2. Thanks so much! New posts are soon to follow!